Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm back!!

My first blog post after I don't KNOW how long! Fall is a really good time to start blogging again - there is SO much going on!!! Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall weather, pumpkin patches and corn mazes - just all kinds of stuff! So I am really looking forward to getting back to blogging and hope I can be at least mildly entertaining! :) These first few entries might be out of order since I do want to go back and do posts about a few things we've done the past month or two!
I have to share our dinner from last night. The first fall after the divorce when I was living with Chip, I started a little tradition with the kids- Mummy Dogs! Here is Emily 2 years ago with her Mummy Dog:

So of course we had to do them again this year. Emily was not with us Tuesday night (she was at a B.B. King concert!) but the rest of us had Mummy Dogs and mac and cheese. Josh LOVES to help in the kitchen so he helped me make mac and cheese!! Look how sweet:

Cutting up the butter.

Pouring in that stuff that is supposed to be cheese (hey, don't hate. Derek and the kids both PREFER box macaroni and cheese.)

Um, yeah - THAT is the face that gets him out of everything.

And here are our cute Mummy Dogs! (it's very simple - cut your crescent rolls into strips, wrap them around wieners. Bake according to roll instructions, but keep an eye on them. Mustard eyes!)

I made a Skor cake for EMCC and it didn't all get eaten (it's wonderful, and the recipe is on my pinterest) so we had leftover cake for desert! Jay approves.

So does Josh.

And so does Kirkland ... you can tell by her "happy" plate.

And so, there we go! My first blog entry!!! It's so good to be back! :)


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