Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 1- About Me

Day one!! This is supposed to be: recent picture, introduction, 15 random facts.  Well, there are a few recent pictures already on here.  However, I will include this one because it happens to be one of Derek's favorite pictures from our wedding and it's funny because you can see my gum in my mouth. My photographer kept fussing at me about seeing my lime green gum in my mouth!! But I just love this candid shot from right after the ceremony.

So, that technically isn't "recent" since it was from May, but I haven't changed that much since May. Just lost my tan and about 10 more pounds, but overall, not that different. I'm not sure if I need to do an introduction?? I mean, if you are here you probably know me.  The basics: my name is Ginnie; I am married to Derek; I have 4 kiddos; I work at Prudential; I have cats named Kitty, Patty, and Chloe - but I'm not a crazy cat lady; I am pretty creative/artistic; I am a sports FANATIC; and I LOVE being Southern.  That is pretty basic, but hey, you probably already know me anyway. And now 15 random facts about me.... this is a pretty damn self-indulgent little post... oh well, here goes: 

1. I haven't eaten carbs for the bulk of about 7 or 8 years.  However, because of that, I weigh almost 80 lbs less now than I weighed 7 or 8 years ago. I happily accept the trade off. I do "cheat" on occasion - like holidays. 

2. Why we call our kids "the babies:"  I don't really like "kids" because they aren't goats. I don't like "children" because it's too formal (we def aren't the formal type) and I had to use it too much during divorce/custody stuff.  Somehow "babies" came about and it stuck. 

3. Yes, Derek and I technically "met" on Twitter.  I started watching the End Zone way back when Clayton Moore was playing at Louisville, and I watch my local news, so I knew who he was.  When I got on Twitter way back when I needed someone who was covering sports and he came up as a "local Twitter user" recommendation. I followed him for updates during the SEC tournament in 2009 and one day in June of that year he responded to me.  It was kind of a joke between me and a friend of mine that I'd gotten him to respond to me (i mean, we kind of looked at him as a semi-celebrity) but he hadn't responded to him - but it later turned into a "virtual" friendship and later than that turned into us meeting and dating! So yay, Twitter.

(If I don't start making these shorter, this post will be waaaaaayyyy too long.)

4. I LOVE fashion but am terrified of it.  I never feel  like  I am "pulling it off."  I question every single outfit I put on, every single day.  And I usually wind up with very basic stuff on and not stuff I want to wear. I really want to get better at this, and I am trying.

5. I am a huge coffee "snob."  I am very particular about what kind of coffee I drink, how I drink it, etc. And I like powdered creamer- and one particular kind, at that - much to the chagrin of my friend Shane (who owns a coffee shop!)

6. I can't grow my fingernails to save my life. I don't bite them, they just don't grow. Never have. Oh well.

7. I opened the store Mary Virginia's.  I sold it right before I had my youngest son, Josh. It sold again and that person still owns it.  I am proud it is still open and I love to see my name downtown!

8. Building on that, until 2 years ago I had been a stay at home mom for about 10 years with the exception of when I owned Mary Virginia's. Getting back to work full time is STILL something I am adjusting to. 

9. I LOVE high heels. Love them. And I can wear them for hours and in all kinds of places and am still comfortable.  I have stood for entire football games on the sidelines MANY times in my heels. 

10. I love soup. And I could eat my weight in it. Which I did last fall (off my diet for a little while) and that is why my behind looked like it did when I got engaged. :) 

11. I also love peanut butter and if I could only have 1 food for the rest of my life, that would probably be it. (Coffee is not a food. It is a drink. It is excused from this hypothetical.)

12. One of my biggest pet peeves is people talking/humming/whispering/singing/just making any kind of noise to themselves.  It absolutely makes my skin crawl. 

13. I still have my tonsils, my appendix, my gall bladder, etc. I have never had surgery or a broken bone other than my tail bone. (Sorry, i am running out of random stuff. Although, that is pretty freaking random.)

14. I only lack a few semesters to finish my Elementary Education degree. But there is no way I am going to finish it - have no desire whatsoever to be a teacher. My dream is to change my major to Communication.... I want to be in media relations or some sort of PR for a sports team... college, pro, etc. I could also definitely see me doing some sort of travel section for Southern Living. ;) Maybe it will happen one day. 

15. Mario Lopez kissed me on the cheek back in 1995 because I let him borrow 50 cents. That is a true story.  Want to know the whole story, you'll have to ask. :) 

If I haven't bored you to tears, please come back tomorrow for Day 2! 

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