Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 5 - 30 Day Blog Challenge - Megan and Zack

I should have really paid better attention to these topics for this challenge. But anyway, today is siblings. So I will do it on the best sister in law in the world, Megan, and the best brother in law in the world, Zack. Meet the Brodericks!

And yes, they are ABSOLUTELY as cute as they look. Cuter, actually. Megan is Derek's younger sister and Zack is her husband. They live in Weatherford, OK, where Zack is in pharmacy school. Megan works as a Kindergarten teacher in Mustang, OK - which is just outside of OKC. I haven't personally gotten to observe her teach, but I have gotten to see Megan with my own kids...and I think she is probably a phenomenal teacher!! She does the CUTEST, smartest little things for our kids! She and Zack have just accepted me and my babies in as part of the family from the start, and have made us feel so comfortable and so loved. Megan is a great cook, stylish and always looks JUST right for whatever she is doing, funny, patient, and sweet. Zack will make ANYONE love him, is funny, makes lime-rimmed beers just as good as Ted's, always puts everyone else first, is smart, and just easy to be around. I just LIKE being around both of them.They were life savers during our wedding!! Zack helped anywhere we asked, served as an usher, and tons of other stuff I might or might not have been aware of! Megan helped out with anything and everything, came up with the idea for our fans, and was wonderful for the few months leading up to the wedding - she always gave me advice, answered questions, gave suggestions. My little life is just better because these two are in it. Looking forward to Thanksgiving week - they'll be with us in Mississippi for most of that week!! Yay!

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