Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 6 - A Pic of Something that Makes You Happy

Honestly - I wish I didn't have to keep doing this blog challenge.  Sometimes this stuff is hard to come up with! But I'm not gonna quit! Today is a picture of something that makes you happy. Well that's tough!! LOTS of things make me happy! How on earth would I narrow that down?! My babies make me happy!! Love this pic of their feet on one of the spouts at the little fountain we play at on campus at MSU:

Love it when they are with us and we goof off on a Sunday afternoon.  Derek makes me happy!! Look at this pic he sent me the other day at work: 

I mean, that would make anyone happy. :) And of course there are tons of other things that make me happy - my friends, a beautiful day outside, getting off work early, etc... one small thing that is a very happy part of everyday is having a cup of coffee with D (and sometimes Emily!) at night. I LOVE my evening coffee. Took this picture a few weeks ago: 

The other day we stopped by our favorite coffee shop in the whole world - Strange Brew - and they had these MARVELOUS little coffee cozies on the counter and I just had to have one and it just made me smile so much I got a couple for a couple of other people to make them smile! 

Love it.  And of COURSE football makes me happy - high school, JUCO, college, pro... 

This was from the "Y'all vs. Us" game at Noxubee County a few weeks ago.  And these things don't come close to being all the stuff that makes me happy!! It doesn't take much.. I find that even the tiniest things can make me happy. Look for joy in every little thing - because it's there! 

So... once again I made my post entirely too long. I believe I am a tad bit long winded! :) BE HAPPY! 

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