Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 9 - Pic of my Friends

I've been slacking. I'm sorry. I'm sure all 11 of you that read this blog have been sad. I'm sorry. :) I have boocoodles of friends that I absolutely adore, so putting pictures of all of them on here would cause picture overload I believe. I will put one of my very favorite pictures of me with my very favorite friends:

This is our little "pirate" gang. If you know the story behind the pirates, good for you! If you don't, do even try to go makin' up what you think it is and spreadin' it around town! I promise it isn't nearly as interesting as you think it is! Ha!  But these are just 4 of my friends. I'm leaving out so many others! My friends Nicole, Laurie, Ritchie, Chip, Jackie, Katelyn, Laura, Bambi, my favorite sisters: Norma and Vivi, Melissa.... BAH! I'm still leaving people out!!  I love all my friends - and you all know who you are!!! :) Thank you for being my friend! (I'm hearing the Golden Girls theme in my head - and now y'all do too! RITCHIE! I know you do!) 

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