Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day Something - A place I've traveled

Most of my favorite places I've traveled, I don't have pictures of anymore!! I LOVED Seattle.  I loved Savannah.  I love the mountains in Tennessee. I already blogged about St. Louis. The beach is, of course, one of my very favoritest places EVER.  Love New Orleans. One trip I really, really did enjoy was our trip last fall to Cincinnati. Parts of Cincinnati were really neat, some were really scary! Being there when we were, though, with the baseball games going on as well as the Bengals playing was great.  Derek might have even tried to sneak into the ball park. :) And any time we get to visit with our friends Reggie and Sheila is great.  We actually made two different trips up there, one for a day game and another time for Monday Night Football! One of those trips, we took our time on the way back and did part of the bourbon trail in Kentucky! We were up there during a BEAUTIFUL time of year and the distilleries sit in the hills - sometimes in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in quaint little communities.  The trees were bursting with color, the weather was great, and we saw some places on our quick detour that I hope we make it back to some day.  So, some pics from our trip last year to Cincy!!
Reggie taking the field!

 Fountain in Cincinnati - they were showing the baseball game on a big screen in the middle of downtown that night after the football game - so we went down there to watch a little and check out some of downtown Cincy.  Derek got ice cream from a place that is well -known in Ohio (that I can't remember the name of).  There was a Tiffany's on the corner that was sealed up like Ft. Knox, which I THINK might have been my first time to see a Tiffany's store.  I just love being in big cities, and Cincinnati was full of a lot of energy that night.

Great American Ball Park 

From the distilleries

These are from Maker's Mark... The little cut-outs on the shutters are in the shape of Maker's bottles! 

I have lots of pics from the two games we went to up there of the teams, the MNF crew, Ochocinco, other players, etc - but I have to throw this in here because this moment will always be special to me.  It's the one time I have seen Derek Cody star-struck!! He got to meet Jermaine Gresham. 

He grinned like a 5 year old the whole time he was talking to him. It was so cute.  
Reggie and Sheila are now in Atlanta, so that will probably be it for our trips to Cincinnati. But I do hope we get to go back to Kentucky some time - I would love to see more of Bardstown, Louisville, etc.  Just beautiful up there. (By the way, it was kind of funny to look at these pics with Derek's hair still spiked!!) 

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