Tuesday, November 1, 2011

St. Louis!

This post is actually about a trip we took the last weekend in September, but I wanted to get the pictures up! We had  a REALLY full weekend that weekend. We had FOUR straight days of football.(Heaven!) That Thursday night we had EMCC vs ICC.  EMCC won (of course.) Then Friday night we covered high school football as usual for the End Zone.  Saturday morning we got to see our little cheerleader cheer (for a little while.)  Emily cheers for the Starkville Saints and even though she is SO not the "cheerleader" type, she seems to be enjoying it!

Then we got to go see MSU barely beat Louisiana Tech (as shown in the post about MSU football earlier.) After getting home later that Saturday night after that game we grabbed a few hours sleep, got up way too early, and hit the road to St. Louis!  
This is what happens when Derek doesn't have enough sleep. :) No, actually, this is something Tim Kelchner started. Derek is doing "ram up."  It's a joke. 

   I won us tickets to see the Rams play the Ravens so we decided what the heck - we were going.  We are Rams fans because of Sam Bradford...that's about it, really.  And they are having a TOUGH year.  (Although this past Sunday was pretty great because they actually beat the Saints!!) But we did have a pretty good time at the game:

Our hotel was great - we were able to walk to the dome, but it also overlooked Busch Stadium! And yep, the Cards were at home that weekend!! We got to watch just a little of the game. Even got to see Pujols break his bat on a hit! 

So that was pretty fabulous. We were only in St. Louis for roughly 24 hours. We tried to shove as much as possible into that 24 hours! We decided to walk to the arch the next day - it was only a couple of blocks from the hotel.  We took our luggage to the car first and we got tickled at Turtle's (yes, our car has a name) awesome accommodations for the stay! He had a great view. So I took a picture. 

So here is the obligatory pic of us with the arch, if you can actually tell (it gets really hard always taking pics of ourselves, by the way) 

Then we decided to walk to a place that I had stuck in my head from YEARS ago from when I was in St. Louis on a youth trip.  So we looked it up and thought, "oh, that isn't too bad! We'll walk there!" Well, 18 blocks later we arrived at Union Station - if you are ever in St. Louis, you really should make a point to visit this landmark.  It is SO beautiful. It was just as beautiful as I'd remembered.  Just a couple of pictures from inside: 

The bottom picture is of the "whisper arch" and you will just have to ask Derek about that - it freaked him out! :) This is the clock tower, outside of the station: 

Ah, then the 18 block hike back to the hotel and Turtle in his cush-y spot on top of the hotel.  But I do LOVE just walking in big cities, and I think St. Louis is so pretty.  Couple of pictures from our walk: 

Even after that hike, and knowing we needed to get on the road because we both had to be at work the next morning, my sweet husband took me to one more stop!  In researching places in St. Louis I found an Italian area, so we rode through that - I believe it is called The Hill. We didn't stop, but we DID stop at Delmar Loop. And we will definitely be coming back! It was a great little area and Derek found a record store! 

We also grabbed a Pumpkin Spice Latte from that-place-whose-name-we-don't-say-because-it-isn't-Strange-Brew (but that is also necessary when traveling) and headed home.  And since I took a 24 hour reprieve from my diet we made ONE more little stop on the way home at the NOT diet-friendly Lambert's Cafe. :) The thrown rolls with apple butter were just fall in a bite!!! Gosh it was good. Derek liked the rolls too: 

I apologize. That is awful.  And the end of our St. Louis trip. :) 

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