Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 12- What I Believe

Let's just try a list of serious, and some not so serious, things I believe:

•despite some bad apples, there are a lot of good people in this world

•anyone, anywhere, can change their situation. It just might take some really hard work

•every single day there is something to be thankful for

•God loves me and you, sent His son Jesus to die on the cross to pay for my sins, and that Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to Heaven. However, past that- I believe there is a LOT of gray area. I also believe it is not my place to judge. I also believe that God said the most important thing is love, so that is what I think is the most important thing - love. If we'd all just love our neighbor as we love ourselves- man, can you imagine what a great place the world would be?

•Mississippi is one of the greatest and most beautiful places in the world

•all kids should play some kind of sport for at least one season. It teaches sportsmanship, competitiveness (we all need some competitiveness), and training/fitness

•Braum's has the best ice I've ever eaten

•life is too short to be anything but happy

•2 very very important things in life: good credit and an education

•there is absolutely nothing wrong with plastic surgery- in moderation

•life, careers, marriages, etc - you get out of it what you put into it

•with everything- every decision you make- there are trade offs

•in and out fries are better than five guys... But five guys has better burgers

•that karma exists

•there is a pretty strong likelihood that MSU will never win a national championship in football- however, I think there is a good chance that they will win a national title in baseball and/or basketball and it will come sooner rather than later

•that I will probably get more comments about that last belief than any of my others :)

Ok- headed for a stopover in Starkville tonight and then on to Nashville in the morning! Blogging will probably be on hold until Monday! Have a good weekend and GO DAWGS!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Oklahoma!

About to head to bed- family lunch tomorrow then opening night of NBA!! We'll be going to watch the Thunder play!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Decorations!

This is just a picture post!! I took some pictures of our Christmas decorations! I'm sure I've said it before, but I love our house so much. :)
Kitty in her favorite Christmas spot! 
Dining Room!
I didn't edit these - straight from my phone. So this is DARK!
Yep, the bathroom has to get a tiny bit of decor! :) 
On the porch
Kitchen windows... ignore the mess!! Ha!
Dining Room(Front) Tree
Porch again!
Tree in den - with kids' ornaments
Few little trees and snow and Santa pics on the piano
Our card tree - it got very full this year! (this was before it was full)
I think I stuck greenery in everything that was sitting still! ha!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 11 - Favorite TV Shows

My favorite TV shows of all time are much different from what I actually watch now.  We really, really don't watch a whole lot of shows that we keep up with! We mostly watch sports, and my favorite show since early high school (literally. I even listed it in my beauty pageant info) - Sportscenter! Duh Nuh Nah, Duh Nuh Nah!

And, right now, Derek and I tivo and watch Survivor (I've only missed one season since that show started and that was the fall from hell.) 

And Next Iron Chef. 

My girls and I tivo and watch these: 

(Funniest show on television, by the way.)

Probably my favorite shows of all time are these though: 

(I LOVE that it comes on Nick at Nite every night now!!)

(Missed very few episodes EVER of this)

(Confession: haven't watched in 2 seasons. Just reruns.)

(I haven't watched the last season. I'm putting it off. Because I don't want it to be over!) 

But in all seriousness, I do not watch a whole lot of TV unless it is a sporting event.  I like TV, I wish I did  - just no time!!! This whole "work" thing really interferes with down time for stuff like that!! :) 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures!

Sweet Tamar came out Saturday afternoon to take pictures for us to use for our Christmas cards! Wooooo - you know how that goes!!! Whew. It wasn't terrible, though! Here are some of the pics from the afternoon.  Want to get added to the list or make sure you're on it?? Comment or message me and let me know! :) (Warning - lots of pictures to follow!)

Day 10 - Something You're Afraid Of

Well, back to the blog challenge!  I know, I know - I'm kind of tired of it, too! And we're only 10 days in!! But it does give me something to post about (even though I actually have pics from Thanksgiving/Egg Bowl that I should post, and pics from this weekend of trying to get a picture for our Christmas card pic...)
Day 10 is something I'm afraid of.  Ok, first are the tangible things: SPIDERS, snakes, heights.  I know there are more, but this is all that is coming to mind right now. Now my list of those things you can't see which is much longer:  something happening to one of my kids,  my kids not being happy, Derek or me ever losing our job, terrorist threats, a life threatening illness or terrible accident for me or Derek or the kids, not having as much of an influence on my kids as I want, not ever having a career of my own, Derek ever being unhappy with me/us, disappointing him/my kids/his family.... and again, I bet there are more. I do also fear ugly sweaters, trolls, the thought of driving a minivan, and all my radio stations becoming country and/or easy listening stations. :) Alright I guess that is enough for this post!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mountains, Sand, Mexico?

Well, I wrote my nice sappy entry about the football aspect of our trip to Yuma... now I have to tell you the other parts!!! We had quite the adventure for a few minutes! :) A lot of you have already heard the story, but I'll re-tell it on here for the ones that didn't. And post pics of some of the other stuff we saw/did.

Within a matter of minutes of being in Yuma, Derek spotted an In and Out Burger. So after getting checked in to our hotel we were in the In and Out drive through. We decided, on the advice of one of Derek's co-workers, to ride the few miles down the road to California and see the Imperial Sand Dunes (and so I could say I've been to California!) The pictures up there are from the dunes.

The scenery in and around Yuma was really pretty - different from what I'm used to, for sure, but pretty.  Yuma is surrounded by mountains - it seems every direction we drove there were mountains in front of us or next to us. There were orange trees growing in people's yards! That was cool. My kids would LOVE that.

The next day, Derek had to work on videos/etc that morning, so I drove around Yuma some just to get out of the room. It felt great outside, had the windows down, radio up! It was nice. I went back and picked him up and we went to an assembly at a middle school for the football team.  When that was finished, we had a few hours to kill. Well, that morning some of Derek's co-workers told me you could park on the US side of the border and just walk across into Mexico.  I thought that would be great - just add one more place to our list while we were here! So I googled and researched border towns and thought that Algodones looked the most promising (Ok, so really, they just had the best looking website.)  So we took off to the border. A few minutes on our way and I told Derek I thought we probably shouldn't, it was getting late, and we had the banquet that night.  He said no, we're going - and kept driving. (See, this is important because this is what makes me able to make this at least partially Derek's fault!)

We got to the border and sure enough, there were big parking lots on the US side.  So we found a parking spot.  There were people just walking back and forth - mostly older people. Algodones and other border towns are popular with snow birds because you can get prescriptions and dental care for next to nothing.  So we go bebopping down the side walk - no gate, no one there, just a sidewalk. There were a few signs posted along the sidewalk about not taking pictures at the border crossing, don't bring in weapons, etc. Just what you'd expect to see.  We got into the town and walked around a bit - we were very unimpressed and kinda creeped out. It isn't the cleanest place, and there were people hanging out everywhere. Instead of little shops, there were just drug stores and dentist offices and liquor stores (as a friend of mine said last night, you just want to believe you're gonna cross the border and be greeted with margaritas and chips and salsa!)

So we decided to just go on back to the car and get back to Yuma so we could get ready for the banquet.  We started walking down the same sidewalk we came in on - again, no one there, no gates, etc.  But there was a drunk, homeless looking Mexican guy hanging out and he started telling us that we were Americans and we needed to walk on the other side of the street to exit.  We just kind of ignored him and kept walking.  We did see a small, unassuming sign that said something about pedestrians using the other side of the road to exit - so we thought, "eh," and went over to the other side of the street (just so we were following the rules. I don't even like to go "in" an "exit" door at the grocery store.) Well that put us in a line in a little building. Huh. We looked around and a couple of people had their passports pulled out. I looked at Derek and said, "we don't have to have a passport to go through this way do we?" Derek just shrugged... well, when it was his turn he went up and gave the guy his driver's license.  They guy just looked at him - asked him what that was and asked to see his passport. Derek told him he didn't have a passport.  The guy told him he would need a passport to enter the U.S.  That was one of those moments in life where you heart hits your stomach and you are just SCARED.  I walked up to the counter and the guy promptly told me to get back in line.  He asked Derek some questions and entered some stuff into the computer. My mind was RACING (as was my heart, down there near my intestines) but I realized that the guy was repeating to Derek "you're in the U.S."  and it hit me he was trying to tell Derek to go - so I yell at Derek "He's telling you to go - just go!" I walked up and handed him my DL and he asked if I had a passport and I said no - he said "I'm going to tell you like I told him - you will be entering U.S. non-compliant."  He asked if Derek was my husband. Then he started talking Spanish over my head to the guy at the counter behind me.  I said, "you guys are talking about how we are dumb a**es aren't you?" and he just kept typing. I walked through to Derek and we went out of the door.  We had to walk down a long sidewalk that had chain link fence down both sides. I was convinced someone was going to be waiting at the end to take us! But nope, we made it back to Turtle.  It took me a REALLY long time to get over the whole thing - I have always struggled with anxiety anyway, and that threw me into a good ole panic attack.  We looked for a liquor store because I thought a glass of wine would help, but never found one. Derek called his dad, who of course lectured him. I figured he would!! What dads do! Boy was I glad to see this sign! 

We went back to the hotel and got ready for the banquet (which was another anxiety-causer - I HATE having to get ready for things that I have no idea what the dress is and I don't know anyone going to ask. blech.) But we made it to the banquet.  It was ok - the food was meh.  The boys all were drinking this stuff - it was some kind of milk punch - and everyone was saying it tasted like cinnamon toast crunch. It did! We had fix-your-own fajitas with no cheese. I dunno.  They presented all of the players, coaches, and staff with El Toro bowl watches. Then we got to sit through what basically turned into Arizona Western's pep rally. It was bad.  When it was over, Derek and I tried to find a Mexican restaurant because I wanted Mexican while were there (and a margarita!) but we never could find one and I think we might have wound up eating In and Out again. I don't remember!  The next day was the game and the flight home.  We did have this sitting next to our car in the parking lot that morning when we left! They might be following us. Oops.

Overall, we had a good time.  Yuma isn't on my places to revisit page.  And I am most certainly over Mexico!! We still have no idea what it means that we are "non-compliant."  I hope we don't need a passport anytime soon! :)