Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 10 - Something You're Afraid Of

Well, back to the blog challenge!  I know, I know - I'm kind of tired of it, too! And we're only 10 days in!! But it does give me something to post about (even though I actually have pics from Thanksgiving/Egg Bowl that I should post, and pics from this weekend of trying to get a picture for our Christmas card pic...)
Day 10 is something I'm afraid of.  Ok, first are the tangible things: SPIDERS, snakes, heights.  I know there are more, but this is all that is coming to mind right now. Now my list of those things you can't see which is much longer:  something happening to one of my kids,  my kids not being happy, Derek or me ever losing our job, terrorist threats, a life threatening illness or terrible accident for me or Derek or the kids, not having as much of an influence on my kids as I want, not ever having a career of my own, Derek ever being unhappy with me/us, disappointing him/my kids/his family.... and again, I bet there are more. I do also fear ugly sweaters, trolls, the thought of driving a minivan, and all my radio stations becoming country and/or easy listening stations. :) Alright I guess that is enough for this post!


  1. Just typed out the longest response to this and accidentally deleted it, so the short version is:

    Trolls?? Really???

    Family = beautiful.

    Christmas card? Yes please. You have my address and I love getting them because I decorate my house each year with all of the pics I get of my beautiful friends and their beautiful kids...

    AND lastly, I don't send Christmas cards because if I did, they'd be of my dog dressed up in something she hated and my husband would probably prefer that I stop advertising the fact that I think she's my child and I gave birth to her and everything.

    (P.S. The long version made more sense but I'm out of time.) =)

  2. I'm assuming this is Angie, and you were already on the list, m'dear. :) <3 you!