Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 13 - Goals

Well, in light of recent developments the topic for day 13 doesn't seem so bad!!  I have lots of goals - LOTS. The main ones I try to achieve daily are to be happy, find joy in every day, show love, and try to raise my kids to be the type of people that focus on those things too.
I went and finalized my paperwork this morning for my classes at EMCC.  Yep, I'm a college student again.  Well, kind of - I'm only taking 6 hours and I'm taking them online.  I wish I could do more, but with my schedule it doesn't really work.  Besides that, I wanted to take classes at EMCC this semester and there isn't a whole lot out there I can take.  I am a junior Elementary Education major - but have NO desire to be a teacher. Have no desire to even finish the degree. So I am going to change it to Communication. I know I want a concentration in Public Relations - but I might also try to get a double concentration and add on Broadcasting.  So with switching up I had a few core classes that I lacked that were different for the two majors... going to try to knock those out at EMCC (since we get the employee dependent scholarship! Yay! Thanks EMCC!) before going back to MSU.  I hope to get to a point where I can take more hours and GET FINISHED.  State doesn't offer as many online classes, so I will HAVE to figure out a way to go to on-campus classes at some point.
My goal with this is to have a career.... to have a job I love and I love going to and to be proud of what I do. To live up to my potentials. To feel like my skills, my brain, my personality are all being used like they should be. And DEFINITELY to surround myself with sports!! I want to do something in sports - college SID, work in PR with a pro team (ha), etc, etc.  It's what I love, it's what I should do.  I'm VERY good at promoting things I love. I love sports. See?  I would be HAPPY! :)
It is somewhat intimidating - I'm NOT young, y'all. And this is a young field.  I am probably at best 2 years from finishing.  I'll be even less young!!! So I know there are challenges ahead of me but I am focused!
So, on January 17 when my classes start... I'm taking a step towards my goal!!!

What is a goal you are striving towards this year??

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