Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 14 - A Picture you Love

Now come on - I can't pick one picture! I have a TON! Going to be a long, picture filled post - some of these are random, but I'll explain. Most of them I love because of a back story of some sort.

The very first one I thought of - Josh was in RARE form one day on the patio at Pepper's - he was keeping everyone entertained. He kept raising his shirt and rubbing his belly - I don't know. But it was FUNNY. Still makes me laugh to think about it.

The very first picture ever of all 6 of us: 

This one, just because of where/when it was taken:

One of my very favorite places in Starkville - heck, anywhere - told us congrats on their sign! 

Derek took this while sitting on the desk at WCBI one night right after we got married - he was so excited to be wearing that ring. :) He is holding the green marker he always held for me when he was on air, and his hand is on his scripts. 

From just a fun afternoon at our house climbing trees... I love the afternoons we don't even leave house but have so much fun hanging out.

This picture is funny because we have a joke about Derek and Emily being BFF.  Sometimes she tries to act like she could care less about him, but somehow Emily is usually where Derek is. And they actually get along so well... it's kinda funny (she is my clone, after all!)

I mean, cause this is just sweet.... Joshy will occasionally come climb in bed with  us in the mornings when he gets up... this one morning he actually fell back asleep. 

From Super Bulldog Weekend, Dan was wandering around the outfield at the baseball game. Faba and I had to get a pic with him!! 

From our trip out to OK last summer.... I just love this pic of Jay getting to play at the science museum with Derek, Grumpsy, and Nunu... would just love it if my kids got to see them more. Such awesome grandparents! 

Just because this made my husband SO happy... and ok, me too. :) 

I LOVE this picture of Jay - I think he is just the most gorgeous little thing... my sweet boy.

The very first Thanksgiving I ever made for my sweet babies - we sat on the floor bc I didn't have a table and chairs and I had to buy aluminum pans because I had no casserole dishes and all our plates were mismatched hand me downs and we were so broke - but I was determined to make a big meal for them. It was just me and D and the kids - you could barely tell anyone had eaten when we were finished!! It was so good! I have a pic somewhere of us sitting on the floor but I can't find it! 

I love football. I especially love Mississippi State football. So getting to be at the Gator Bowl with Derek was pretty fabulous. I had a great spot for one of the touchdowns and the 3 person hip bump afterwards! So while the whole experience was pretty awesome, this is just a good pic from that trip/game.

The tornado outbreak on April 27, 2011 will go down in history as a terrible day in the south... Starkville was very lucky that day but places within 40 - 60 miles of us on any side were not so lucky.  I'll never forget that day. We were without power for awhile, but not nearly as long as they projected.  And looking out of my kitchen window that evening after work, I saw the most beautiful sunset.  God is always there, no matter what, and He's always in control. 

From the day after our wedding - sitting on the porch with all of my inlaws finishing off the keg. Seriously. But it was just so fabulous having them all here, sitting on my porch. (unfortunately Megan isn't in this picture!!) 

And last but not least - my goofy husband sent me this at work one day of he and Patty (one of the outside cats.) He bent down to pick something up on the porch and she jumped on his back! And he took a picture and sent it to me! Nut. 

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