Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 17 - and a New Challenge!

Day 17 is "something I am looking forward to."  Well, honestly, right this minute I'm looking forward to 5:00. It has been one of those days that just started off wrong and hasn't perked up much!! I am also looking forward to getting to hang out with my husband tonight at Dave's for an early birthday celebration! Dave's gives you free pizza for your birthday and since we can't go Friday and we LOVE trivia, we're going tonight.  Then tomorrow I get to go watch the EMCC men's basketball team play at home - they are undefeated in division play! And EMCC's men's teams are also undefeated when I am there! :) And, to top this week off - it's a babies weekend and my husband's 30th birthday!! I am looking forward to having dinner with them and Derek and friends - and we are even going to have a pinata! How fun is that?? So if I can just get through the 8-5 parts of this week, the rest of it is really good!
Ok, I am going to join my sweet friend Laura in "Photo a Day February!"

So, here is my blah view for today (and almost everyday from 8-5.) 

You should go ahead and just give in and do the Photo a Day, too. You can do it on your blog - or I have also seen people posting it to their Twitter and/or Facebook.  This MIGHT even be easier than the 30-day-blog-challenge-that-is-taking-more-like-100-days. :) 

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