Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 18 - Biggest Regret

I regret... forgetting to buy spinach.  I made one of our family's favorite pasta dishes Saturday and I forgot to buy spinach!! It's a great stir in with the pasta sauce and a great way to get my kiddos to eat spinach because they don't really notice it.  I'll give you the recipe, too, so you can try it! It's modified from a recipe I got from one of my besties, Laurie, YEARS ago. It is super easy, it doesn't really qualify as cooking, and if you are a "foodie" then you'll just make fun of all of the pre-made parts. But we like it! Don't forget the spinach and live with regret like I am! (This blog post could have been really depressing - I figured, nah. :) The spinach is actually optional!!)

Laurie's Pasta

1 jar of alfredo sauce
about 12 slices of bacon - give or take
Chicken - I use the bags of already cooked, grilled, cubed chicken you can buy - but I have also just cooked a couple of breasts and shredded those
Mushrooms (optional)
Box of frozen spinach (optional)
Angel hair pasta

I use already cooked bacon.  I put it in the oven on broil to get it started, then take it out and crumble it.  Put that into a pot with your chicken and mushrooms (if using.)  I hit this with a little Italian seasoning and garlic.  Saute this for a few minutes just to get the chicken warmed through.  Add in the jar of alfredo sauce.  Stir well, turn to low to heat while  you make your pasta.  Cook spinach like the directions say to.  Serve on the side to mix into your pasta while you eat it... so tasty!

And by the way, my biggest regret is not filing a police report from OCH the morning of 8/4/09 when I was encouraged to.  I think my life would be FAR different now if I had... I would give almost anything to go back and change that.  But oh well... all we can do is keep looking forward.  The past is the past. :)

I will still get my Photo of the Day today, too - it's "Dinner" so that won't be til later!!! :)

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