Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 19- Something you Miss

Hmmmm.... Ok, this is one I have to think about.  And, it's another one that could go kind of depressing.  I mean, I miss tucking my babies in every night.  I miss taking them to school in the morning and picking them up in the afternoons.  I miss my PawPaw.  I miss my stepdaddy.  I miss my inlaws. We all miss a lot of things, don't we??
But, some not so serious things I miss:  summers off, having a tan, Pirate Pool Days, my 18 year old body, Quiznos, bread, JC Garcia's, leaves on these dead trees, Laurie and Nicole, free time, the beach, football season, sideline passes, my paycheck (it's already gone! ha!), having my own car....
Alright I think I rambled off enough - I've looked at the list and it gets a lot less depressing for the final 11 topics!  And I have to get my photo of the day in today too!!! :) I'm keeping up with all this finally I think!!

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