Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 20 - Nicknames

Well, my NAME is a "nickname."  Most people know now that my real name is Mary Virginia... Ginnie was the "nickname" that my parents knew they would call me from the very beginning though.  If I'm not mistaken, my father is the one who came up with the "-ie" ending for it.  So knowing all that makes it funny that my only actual nickname is "MV" or "Emvee" - both are from Mary Virginia.
Derek doesn't have a nickname, really. When he was little, his family called him "DJ" - short for Derek James.  I (and lots of people) call him "D."  He told me once he doesn't like to be called "DC" and I've never really gotten an explanation for why. But there ya go.
My kids all have nicknames we call them... Kirkland is Kirky-Dirk, Kirky, or KCD.  Emily's is Mimi - and that came from how Kirkland pronounced her name when she was born.  I also call her Mimi-lou, and even Mimi-lou-who sometimes.  She also gets Emmy and Em a lot too of course.  Jay is easy - Jaybird! I call him JB sometimes too.  Josh is also easy - Joshy.  I also call him Tater sometimes - I can't remember why or how but years ago we called him Joshy-tater and Tater just came from that. And as a group - they're "The Babies." :) I also love the names that they've given Derek's family - Neal is Grumpsy. Jeanne is MawMaw NuNu or just NuNu (she hates it.) Megan is Aunt Meggie and Zack is Uncle Z.
My photo of the day for today is "sun."  I'm gonna have to work on that later. :)

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