Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 21 - A Pic of Me

I don't have many pictures of just me... I'm not a big fan. So, I looked back on my phone and these are literally the only two I had out of 740 pictures of JUST me... and they are both funny - so why not just humiliate myself on my own blog?? :)
I do LOTS of these pictures:

And these pictures are usually sent to Mar, or Jamie, or Laura with the caption "Can I wear this?"  (This particular one was a no... Lawd, my hips look 4 ft across in it!!) I question almost every single thing I put on.  I will always see myself at 200 lbs.  

And then there is this picture which is just hilarious..... 

This was taken by one of the girls at Deep South Pout... my sister in law Megan was wanting to order a denim shirt but she wanted to see it on me! So I got to model. I felt SO stupid.. (see?  I look stupid too!) 

I really just love this picture... 

Not because it's a great picture (we all have demon eyes) but because it was a great night. And those are my sweet babies.  And I've just really been missing them. I love those smiley faces much better than mine. 

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