Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 21 - A Fave Photo of Me

Well, this is hard... there aren't very many photos of me that I  LIKE... hey, didn't we just have this discussion?? The one in my 30 day blog challenge (not to be confused with the Photo a Day February - you keeping this all straight??) just said "Photo of me" and this one says "Fave Photo of  Me" so i guess they are a little different.  I am still going to cop-out though... this is my FB profile pic...

And I like it because I like the way Derek has his arms around me and I also like that for some strange reason, I look tall! Or taller. You know. 

And this is one of my very favorite pics of me forever and ever... not because it is a great picture but sometimes pictures are just about more than how good they are OF you... but more because of what the moment was that they were taken: 

And that picture will always mean so much to me. :) 

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