Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 22 - My Favorite City

I am really behind - but I wanted to finish the 30-day blog challenge I started back in (cough, cough) November (cough.) Today is my favorite city and you know what? I haven't visited either of what I figure will be my favorite city one day - NYC or Chicago.  I love Fairhope, AL; Destin, FL; Seaside, FL.... but I really wouldn't go so far as to consider them "cities."  You want to know is honestly my favorite city?? This one:

I love my town! It is wonderful this time of year when you can sit out on patios/balconies at any number of places:

(terrible pic of me... but this is from patio at Bin 612)

And I love my town in the fall when you can spend Saturdays here:

Tailgating at MSU!  I love the fun Spring weekends here, the fabulous Fall weekends here, and everything in between.  I adore that I work downtown again.  I adore that we have a wonderful downtown and fun festivals and great local food and shopping.... and the best university there is... Mississippi State!!!! We are so lucky to live here.

Perfect? No. Things that need work? Sure. My favorite city ever? Yep. :) 

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